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Which of us living in California could get by without a drivers license? Got a new DUI? Your license may be ordered suspended or revoked by the court, by the DMV, or by both. The DMV wants to suspend your driver's license for anywhere from 4 months (first offense) to several years as a result of your drunk driving arrest.  This is entirely separate from the criminal prosecution in court. If your driver's license is important to you, donít forget...your attorney has only ten (10) calendar days to contact DMV in order to start the fight against the automatic Administrative Per Se suspension or revocation you are now facing! And of course you can also lose your license because of the DUI conviction.


Truckers - too many points because of tickets?  You can lose your license for a year or more for that.  We can help.  

Medical condition?  The DMV may take away your license and never give it back without our help.

In California, driving is considered a "privilege", not a right.  Your driverís license is subject to suspension or revocation if the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) decides you are not capable or deserving of the privilege to drive.  Losing your driverís license will seriously limit your ability to function in our society, so it is vital that you hire an experienced attorney like Robert Winston to help you retain it.  In the Central San Joaquin Valley region you should contact attorney Robert Winston to schedule an office consultation. Take the first step in preserving your ability to legally drive.

Robert Winston has handled hundreds of DMV administrative hearings in his career, and he is a lawyer that has a strong grounding in the traffic laws from his time as a Traffic Judge and a Criminal Prosecutor.  Whether your license is being challenged because of a DUI charge, a medical condition, or the accumulation of too many moving violations, Mr. Winston is the lawyer who can help you protect your driving privilege.  His office is located about a block from the DMV office in Modesto, and he frequently defends clients there.

Remember!  When facing a DUI, do not confuse the pink 30 day Administrative Per Se temporary driver license with your court date!  Read the entire form, front and back. The DMV and courtroom criminal proceedings are separate and independent. The outcome of one almost never affects the other.  Sometimes drivers are mislead into believing that the temporary driver license is good "until the court date"...itís not!   Any similarity of date is purely coincidental.  Extensions of the temporary license are possible (so you can keep driving) when Mr. Winston has set a DMV drivers license retention hearing for you.

Have you lost your license because of a medical condition, or because the DMV thinks youíre too old to drive? You can fight the DMVís plan to suspend or revoke your driving privilege.  Usually, a hearing at the DMV is possible and required.  In many of these DMV hearings, Mr. Winston is able to prove that his clients are medically fit to drive.  Winston helps individuals with a variety of medical conditions, including seizures, heart conditions, diabetes and epilepsy.  Let him help you when the DMV first requires you to provide medical evidence showing that you are still capable of operating a motor vehicle safely.  Donít attempt this yourself, or you may hurt your case more than you help!

Whatever you do, donít drive in California without a valid license. Itís a crime.  If you are caught driving when your privilege is suspended or revoked, you face county jail, heavy fines, and the impounding or sale and loss of your vehicle.

The Law Offices of Robert Winston are located in Modesto, California; and serves clients throughout Stanislaus County, Modesto and Manteca.

The law firm handles most of its cases, including driverís license suspension cases, DMV medical suspensions, and DUI license revocations, on a fixed fee basis.  All major credit cards are accepted. Meetings are by appointment only.  Contact us today to arrange an appointment with Mr. Winston, an experienced license suspension attorney.

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